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Guillaume Soro Plans Return to Ivory Coast from Self-Exile.

Guillaume Soro Announces Return Despite Criminal Convictions.

Former Ivory Coast Prime Minister Guillaume Soro, living in self-imposed exile since 2019, reveals plans to return home, citing a longing for his African roots. Despite facing life imprisonment and a 20-year sentence in absentia, Soro expresses a desire to contribute to national reconciliation.

Soro, who denies any wrongdoing, discloses an attempted arrest in Turkey on November 3rd, aiming to extradite him to Ivory Coast. While the return date remains unspecified, Soro previously declared his intent to run in the 2025 presidential elections after a thwarted attempt in 2020.

A former rebel group leader, Soro was a key ally of President Alassane Ouattara, offering military support during a post-election crisis in 2010 that led to a brief civil war. Their alliance soured in 2019, resulting in Soro’s exile after accusations of inciting insurrection.

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