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Government to spend over CFA20bn this year to enable more people to get access to drinking water

In line with its 2022 budget law, the government of Togo plans to spend CFA23 billion on clean water supply this year. This is more than it allocated for the same purpose last year, CFA17 billion; this is in a context where the service rate in rural and urban areas are currently estimated at 68% and 58%, respectively.

In the coming months, several drinking water supply projects started in 2021 are expected to reach cruising speed. Among these, there is the national drinking water supply plan launched in February 2021. Under this project, over 300 hydraulic pumps are to be installed in the north and they should improve sanitary conditions in schools and rural areas in the Kara and Savanes regions (PASSCO). The national drinking water supply plan is backed by France, through its Development Agency (AFD) which disbursed CFA6.5 billion to this end.

Another project is the master plan for the supply of Greater Lomé, which the government started working on in September 2021. The program aims to meet the demand for drinking water in the capital and its outskirts over the next 30 years.

After announcing last year that boosting access to clean water was one of its priorities, the government said it wanted to ensure that 85% of the country gets clean water by 2025, and 100% by 2030. With these deadlines set, the country initiated major projects such as the Support Program for Vulnerable Populations (PAPV). The latter is backed by the EU and China, among others.

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