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Government strengthens protection of Gabonese abroad

Travelling around the world for some and residing abroad for others, Gabonese in the diaspora need the protection and assistance of the State as recommended in Article 1 paragraph 9 of the Gabonese Constitution:”Any Gabonese citizen staying or residing abroad benefits from the protection and assistance of the State, under the conditions laid down by national laws or international agreements”. With this in mind, the government is proposing a draft law on the protection and consular assistance of Gabonese abroad.

Defended on January 20 in the Senate by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pacôme Moubelet Boubeya, the text defines the situations concerned by consular protection. In particular, the death of a Gabonese; the serious accident that occurred to a Gabonese man; the serious crime of which a Gabonese is a victim; the disturbing disappearance of a Gabonese man; the arrest and detention of a Gabonese man; the situation of distress in which a Gabonese finds himself; international child abduction or when the child and/or one of the child’s parents is Gabonese; the need for a temporary travel document; the major consular crisis. “Theseare natural disasters or political crises,”the foreign minister said.

According to him, this bill, which will be examined on the merits, before its possible adoption in plenary session,”creates a clear legal framework where human rights are guaranteed”. Similarly, he said, it places the safety and well-being of Gabonese abroad at the center of the government’s concerns as much as it participates in improving the public service offer abroad. “Thepopularization of this text could facilitate the registration of Gabonese residing abroad,”said Pacôme Moubelet Boubeya.

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