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Ghana Looks at Nuclear Deployment

Ghana is exploring the feasibility of nuclear technology using small modular reactor (SMR) technology. Having partnered with the US Department of State under the Foundational Infrastructure for Responsible use of Small Modular Reactor Technology (FIRST), the west African country is looking to diversify its energy mix through the adoption of clean and reliable technology.

In pursuit of nuclear adoption, Ghana has established Nuclear Power Ghana Limited, which will serve as owner operator as well as project developer. The FIRST program will be instrumental for Ghana as it looks at safely constructing the country’s first nuclear power plant.

Overseeing the FIRST program, the US Department of State has already invested $7.3 million to support FIRST programs globally. In the same way the program has supported other partner countries – notably through capacity building and financial support – the Department will be working with Ghana in its exploration of the resource.

At the virtual inauguration of the program, US Ambassador H.E. Stephanie Sullivan commented that “Next generation nuclear energy, like what we are working on today, must be part of the solution,” adding that nuclear energy would benefit Ghanaians with clean energy, better provision of clean water and the development of the agricultural sector.

The US intends on supporting Ghana in the form of planning, project evaluation, and technical collaboration. Japan is also one of the partners with US on the FIRST program and intends to strengthen its ties with Ghana while promoting nuclear aspirations in west Africa.

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