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Ghana: EC Announces Plan to Release Polling Station Results on Public Portal for 2024 Elections.

The Electoral Commission (EC) has unveiled plans to introduce a dedicated online platform for displaying results from diverse polling stations, aiming to enhance transparency in the forthcoming 2024 General Election.

This initiative will involve publishing scanned signed pink sheets on the portal, allowing real-time access for the public, as outlined by Mrs. Jane Mensa, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission. She made this announcement during a stakeholder meeting held at Peduase in the Eastern Region, organized by the National Peace Council to assess post-2020 General Election proceedings and prepare for the upcoming 2024 General Election.

Mrs. Mensa emphasized that sharing polling station results online would foster inclusivity and engagement of citizens throughout the electoral process. She highlighted the intention to align with recommendations from the EU Observer Mission, citing the precedent set during the last election, where results from all 16 regions and 275 constituencies were shared in real-time. This time, the EC plans to take it further by displaying scanned signed pink sheets on the dedicated online platform, aiming to bolster transparency and public trust in electoral procedures.

The EC also proposed closing polls at 15:00 hours to facilitate counting in daylight and ensure transparency. Mrs. Mensa explained that this approach, based on experiences from the 2020 Election, was intended to optimize efficiency given that a considerable number of polling centers were nearly empty of voters by 13:00 hours.

Furthermore, the Commission proposed a year-round exhibition exercise allowing citizens to check their registration details on mobile devices. Mrs. Mensa expressed optimism about the passage of a new Constitutional Instrument advocating for continuous voter registration and the use of the Ghana Card as the primary identification document, aiming to eliminate challenges associated with the guarantor system and enhance the voters’ register’s credibility.

Reverend Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, Chairman of the National Peace Council, reaffirmed the council’s commitment to continuous dialogue among stakeholders to ensure a peaceful 2024 election. He also urged the National Democratic Congress to re-engage in the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) for consensus-building.

Ms. Kathleen Addy, Chairperson of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), underscored the significance of unity and collaboration among stakeholders, especially considering the prevailing political instability in the West Africa Sub-region, emphasizing the need to ensure a peaceful electoral process and beyond.

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