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Gambian announces intention to run for US Congress

A former Gambian journalist and founder of Rhodes Island Refugee Dream Center Omar Bah has announced he will run in the US congressional district election. The race for the second congressional district is heating up this weekend.

Bah said on Saturday: “I wish to confirm that I plan to run for US Congress. When Congressman Langevin recently announced his retirement, I saw a great opportunity to once again manifest the amazing opportunities I have had in this country since my arrival here as a refugee. I will run as a Democrat but my hope is to help in uniting the country, represent the diversity and experiences of people in this country, and to build and promote a moderate tone in Washington.”

Bah, who is the Founder & Executive Director of the Refugee Dream Center, Inc., says, “there are numerous issues to tackle such as safe and affordable housing, healthcare, education, homelessness, crime, and climate change. I am not a career politician and therefore hope to help minimize the political polarisation and promote the interest of the American people, especially Rhode Islanders. I also hope to be a source of inspiration for folks from various ethnicities who might as a result have the audacity to try out the American Dream and the possibilities abound.”

Doherty had switched to be a Democrat, but he ran for Congress in 2012 as a Republican in the first congressional district — losing to David Cicilline.

Doherty told GoLocal on Saturday, “I have decided that this is not the right time for me to pursue the congressional seat. I will not be running.”

Since that loss, he has written a book, worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, and opened his own consulting business. Doherty is a close advisor to Dan McKee.

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