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Gambia: Togo to host a top-class conference on anti-terrorism in West Africa next April

The sensitisation campaign began on Saturday 12 February 2022 and will cover the entire country with community meetings and media campaigns.

The first-leg of the sensitization which is being implemented in Upper River Region(URR) North and South forms part of NCCE’s civic education activities to help address the growing trend of voter apathy which had been evident in past national assembly elections.

Yusupha Bojang, Programme Manager for NCCE described the upcoming parliamentary equally important as the presidential elections and called on Gambians to take the elections seriously and vote for candidates who are competent and can ably represent them at the National Assembly.

According to him, there are many complaints that voters do not see their representatives after elections. To avoid these issues people should “look at the candidate and not merely the party he/she in representing because at the end of the day it is not the party that will represent you in parliament but rather the candidate you elected”.

The election is coming right on the heels of hotly contested presidential elections that have left the country deeply polarised. Therefore, as the nation’s flagship civic education institution, NCCE, is kicking off the sensitisation campaign early using the grassroots structures and the media to reach out to as many Gambians as possible with a specific focus on voter education, sensitisation, mobilisationand peace messages to ensure the elections process is inclusive, participatory and peaceful, Mr Bojang said.

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