Gabon: Presidential 2023 – Albert Ondo Ossa Advocates Change In Mouila

After the steps of Libreville and Tchibanga, the opposition platform Alternance 2023 led was this Monday in Mouila, in the province of Ngounié, to present to the populations its consensual candidate, in the person of the economist and former Minister Albert Ondo Ossa. The latter invited the Molvillois populations to vote for change, granting him their vote on August 26th.

“I came to tell you that 60 years of power is too much. The time for change has arrived,” said Professor Albert Ondo Ossa. Denouncing by the same the non-success of the construction project of a university in Mouila.

“I came to tell you that the student scholarships must be paid. I am the candidate for widows, orphans, the poorly housed, those who suffer from injustice. I am the disabled candidate. Men and women of Mouila, the time has come. You know what to do. The choice is simple (…) Let’s dare to believe that we are going to develop our country,” he continued.

The president of Alternance 2023, Francois Ndong Obiang, also president of the political party Réagir, also addressed the populations who moved from the esplanade to the Place des fêtes in Mouila.

“This land is the lung of our country. When Ngounié breathes, Gabon lives. I ask you only one thing, that you breathe to deliver our country from obscurantism on August 26th,” he said. While paying tribute to illustrious deceased from the province.

The latter did not forget to “salute the courage” of the candidates who lined up behind the consensual candidacy of the opposition, understanding that “the best interests of the nation are above their person“. Notably Alexandre Barro Chambrier, Paulette Missambo, Raymond Ndong Sima, Mike Jocktane, and Thérence Gnembou Moutsona.

Thomas Ibinga, spokesperson for the people, welcomed the outcome of the process that led to the choice of a candidate within the opposition.


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