Gabon: General Elections – Chen Sylvere Mezui M’Obiang Calls On His People To Vote Ali Bongo Ondimba For President

The candidate of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG) in the legislative elections, at the single seat of the 2nd arrondissement of the commune of Oyem, Chen Sylvestre Mezui M’Obiang, traveled, this Monday, August 21, several districts of this arrondissement, to ventilate the policy implemented by Ali Bongo Ondimba, candidate for his own succession in the presidential election on 26th August next.

The candidate for the legislative election led local talks with women, notables and young people from the Ngouema neighborhoods, Ewore-Mekok airport, Ewore-mekok Bouloungou, Nkomayat, Akombang Hotel, Behind the Ngouema market, Saint roundabout Basil and Monaco, in the 2nd arrondissement of the municipality of Oyem.

Chen Sylvestre Mezui M’Obiang has, in turn, seized the opportunity to brandish the Pact proposed by the candidate Ali Bongo Ondimba for his re-election to a new term.

At each stage, he galvanized the crowd by assuring them of a better future with his candidate for the head of the country.

“We must vote Ali Bongo Ondimba on August 26,” prompted the speaker who wanted to be firm in the face of a population won over to his cause, encouraging him to choose the natural candidate, with a view to certain development of the town of Oyem.

“We are not offering anyone other than Ali Bongo Ondimba,” said the native of Oyem.

Chen Sylvestre Mezui M’Obiang, during these various meetings, requested the involvement of all CEOs, in order to win Ali Bongo Ondimba, the evening of August 26th.

The member of the government was accompanied, at each stage, by the political elite of the CEO of the second arrondissement of the commune of Oyem. The various candidates from the PDG list for local and legislative elections were presented to their families and relatives who constitute the populations of this electoral district.


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