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Ethiopia: State Delegation To AFSIC – Investing In Africa 2023 Ethiopia – “The New Frontier Market, Opening Doors And Creating Opportunities”

FSD Ethiopia is coordinating a delegation from Ethiopia to attend AFSIC 2023 and will be sponsoring the Ethiopian Investment Summit scheduled for Monday, 9th October 2023. FSD Ethiopia is a development agency that aims to support the development of accessible, inclusive, and sustainable financial markets for economic growth with a vision to contribute to a thriving financial system that delivers real value to the broader economy and to the people of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian delegation includes the key financial sector actors, including the Ministry of Finance, Ethiopian Capital Market Authority, Ethiopian Investment Holdings, Ethiopian Securities Exchange, and Ethiopian Investment Commission– a truly comprehensive grouping and an exciting agenda item to look forward to.

The Ethiopian summit is organized under the theme “Ethiopia – The New Frontier Market, Opening Doors and Creating Opportunities”. The summit aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Ethiopia’s emerging opportunities and highlight Ethiopia’s recent economic reforms, favorable investment climate, and growing investment opportunities. The high-level officials in the panel will discuss significant developments strengthening Ethiopia’s financial architecture. The event will feature a road show to raise capital for the recently established Ethiopian Securities Exchange (ESX). ESX will highlight opportunities for forming strategic partnerships with financial actors in Africa and beyond. Ethiopia investment holding aims to attract investors and inform global finance practitioners of Ethiopia’s capital market and opportunities.

The Ministry of Finance will promote its far-reaching reforms to mobilize resources for sustainable and inclusive development, key to Ethiopia’s Homegrown Economic Reform agenda. Ethiopian Investment Commission will exhibit the various investment opportunities and a favorable business environment within the country, accomplished through a comprehensive and strategic approach that highlights the unique advantages of investing in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Investment Summit will be held on October 9th from 12:45 p.m. to 2 p.m. The Ethiopian Securities Exchange will launch its roadshow during the Embassy reception at the Ethiopian Embassy in London on the same evening.

The Ethiopian country delegation to AFSIC 2023 is a unique gathering of key financial sector players. and the Ethiopian Investment Summit promises to be standing room only. Any interested investors who wish to find out more should ensure they register to attend AFSIC


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