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Egypt: The National Ambassador To Lisbon Discusses Forming Partnerships With Portugal

Ambassador Wael El-Naggar, Egyptian Ambassador to Lisbon, met with Manuel Pizarro, Portuguese Minister of Health.

The meeting discussed developments in bilateral relations in the field of health and pharmaceutical industries, the digitization of the health sector, and the launch of emerging companies working in the field of health, within the framework of what was agreed upon during the Portuguese minister’s visit to Egypt last May.

During the meeting, the Egyptian ambassador stressed Egypt’s desire to form partnerships with the Portuguese side to strengthen the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry sector in Egypt, as well as localizing modern technologies for the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries in Egypt, in addition to supporting and enhancing cooperation in the field of medical scientific research between the two countries.

For his part, the Portuguese Minister of Health praised the excellence of relations in the field of health between the two countries, which was reflected in the visit of the Minister of Health and Population to Portugal twice in three years, in addition to his visit to Egypt last May, expressing his aspiration to receive the Minister of Health and Population in Portugal before the end of the year. This year, in order to complete and finalize what was previously agreed upon, especially with regard to launching bilateral partnerships in the field of pharmaceutical industries to enhance the presence of Portuguese companies not only in Egypt but also on the African continent.


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