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Egypt: Sisi appoints judge Boulos Fahmy as president of Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued a decree appointing Counselor Boulos Fahmy as head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, as of February 9, the Official Gazette published on Tuesday.

Counselor Paul Fahmy is scheduled to take the constitutional oath before President Sisi within hours.

Republican Decree No. 51 of 2022 included the appointment of Counselor Boulos Fahmy as President of the Supreme Constitutional Court with the rank of minister, as of February 9.

This decision was preceded by the issuance of another presidential decree No. 50 of 2022 to refer Counselor Saeed Marei Amr to retirement, with the addition of the remaining period of time for him until the age of seventy as an exceptional period of service.

This came due to a health problem that affected Counselor Saeed Marei Amr, which prevented him from carrying out his duties as head of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Amr was appointed by the president as the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court in mid-2019.

President El-Sisi in 2017 has ratified legal amendments allowing the president to make judicial appointments to the Egyptian top courts.

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