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Egypt: Ahmed Yaqoub – The State’s Joining Of BRICS Will Reflect An Increase In Trade Exchange

Journalist Ahmed Yaqoub said that the BRICS group represents 32% of the global GDP, and that 40 countries expressed interest in joining, and 22 countries submitted a request to join, and 6 countries were accepted to join, which confirms the importance of joining the group, pointing out that the period The latter exposed the world to global crises that led to a reduction in the volume of investment.

He added, during his participation in the salon organized by the Coordination of Youth Parties and Politicians, about Egypt’s benefits from joining the BRICS group, that Egypt has great advantages, including that it has a large market of 105 million consumers, and owns wind stations, the Dabaa nuclear power plant, huge agricultural areas and major industrial areas, and owns The Suez Canal is a major artery to the world.

He continued: Egypt will benefit from joining the BRICS group with several advantages, such as: Economic globalization, transfer of expertise, transfer of technology, more cooperation in transferring expertise, and more cooperation with economic giants in the world. Egypt aims to attract 30 million tourists and a global economic growth rate, a beneficial gathering for Egypt, free trade agreements, and the freedom of the flow of goods across borders, and a BRICS gathering will be held. Agreements between member states for trade exchange.

Yacoub pointed out that the Egyptian economy is very diversified, and the Suez Canal generates $9 billion in the year and is expected to increase, and remittances from Egyptians abroad, and raising the number of tourists to 30 million tourists during the next five years, and agriculture, industry, and information technology, and adding 4 million acres to the agricultural area, and in Industries sector; New industrial cities. A city like El Alamein has 150,000 acres and a highly developed industrial area with textile and food industries. Egypt is distinguished by its geographical location between 3 continents and aims to reach $100 billion in exports.

Journalist Ahmed Yaqoub recommended the necessity of simplifying procedures for investors, making the integrated investment portal clear, targeting sectors, achieving balance in relations with all countries of the world, maintaining stability, peace and development, achieving sustainable development, and establishing industrial cities and agricultural areas.

He moderated the conversation during the salon; Shaima Kamal El-Din, member of the Youth Coordination of Parties and Politicians. The following also participated in the salon: Dr. Nour Nada, Professor of Economics at the Sadat Academy of Administrative Sciences in Cairo – and a visiting professor at the University of Finance in Moscow, Dr. Hanan Wagdy, member of the Youth Coordination of Parties and Politicians, journalist Ahmed Yaqoub, and Shadi Al-Adl, Secretary of Political Communications for the Conservative Party.


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