Djibouti: Ali-Sabieh Region – End Of The Football Tournament In Daasbiyo 0

The Association for the Promotion of Tourism and Social Development of Daasbiyo (APTDSD), in collaboration with the Community Development Center of the millennial village, organized last Friday afternoon the final of the summer football tournament .

The launch of this final was attended by the president of the Ali-Sabieh regional football league, Djibrir Omar Hoch, the president of the Association for the promotion of tourism and social development, Hamid Khaireh, the local elected official, Ifrah Isman Farah, customary chiefs and a native of the village, Mahamoud Ahmed Bahdon better known by the nickname of Bolbo, women as well as civil society executives.

During the contact tour of the prefect Abdoul-Malik Mohamed Banoïta in all the rural localities of the region, the representative of the Djiboutian Football Federation (FDF) offered the local youth complete equipment for the practice of football. . This allowed the organization of football matches throughout the region.

This final opposed the local team of Daasbiyo (APTDSD) to the team of the Community Development Center of Daasbiyo.

This match ended with the victory of the latter team with the score of 2 goals to 0.

The objective pursued through the organization of this tournament by the organizers is to strengthen the bonds of living together and the development of youth during this time of school holidays.

At the end of this match, the winners and losers as well as all those who distinguished themselves in the tournament were called upon to receive the awards and trophies from the hands of the officials. At the end of the match, the president of the Association (APTDSD of Daasbiyo, Hamid Khaireh thanked the Minister of Youth and Culture, Hibo Moumin Assoweh for her unwavering support for the youth of the region. He underlined that He would always be alongside young people, as well as the FDF, without forgetting Mahamoud Ahmed Bahdon, better known by the nickname of Bolbol, who has been working for two decades on the development of his native village Daasbiyo.

Knowing that the Ministry of Youth and Culture has offered trophies and balls to all sports associations in the region.

As a reminder, the village of Daasbiyo has benefited from the multitude of social projects such as the supply of drinking water to the village, the connection to the electricity network of the chief town and the availability of the mobile telephone network with the 4G connection. from the internet.

The inhabitants of Daasbiyo repeat like a leitmotif, the projects implemented in their village. To this end, they thank the holders of public power and hope for only one thing, the construction of the road linking their village to the capital, Ali-Sabieh city.


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