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Didier Drogba Ventures into E1 Racing Series as Team Owner.

Didier Drogba, a prominent figure in global football for the past two decades, along with his partner Gabrielle LeMaire, are set to step into a new role as team owners in the UIM E1 World Championship.

The renowned Ivory Coast striker, who claimed numerous honors including four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, and a UEFA Champions League victory with Chelsea from 2004 to 2015, will launch his own team named Team Drogba. This team will proudly represent the vibrant colors of the Ivory Coast flag in the inaugural season of the world’s first all-electric raceboat championship, which is slated to begin later in the current year.

Drogba’s entry into this venture follows the footsteps of other high-profile personalities such as seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, who was announced as a celebrity team owner in the E1 World Championship in July. Notable figures like tennis legend Rafa Nadal and Formula One driver Sergio Perez are also part of the ownership roster.

Beyond his illustrious football career, Drogba has taken a notable role in advocating for sustainability and environmental consciousness. This commitment resonates with his partner Gabrielle’s shared values.

Drogba’s leadership in environmental protection and promotion of sustainability aligns closely with the E1 Series’ Blue Impact initiative. The program’s primary objective is to undertake large-scale restoration of marine ecosystems in the waterfront areas of cities where the championship races take place. The E1 Blue Impact program will be spearheaded by Carlos Duarte, E1’s Chief Scientist, who is esteemed as one of the world’s foremost marine biologists.

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