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Côte d’Ivoire: Government Improves the Living Conditions of Civil Servants

These announcements of social significance and which sound like a real breath of fresh air for these State workers relate to the extension of the benefit of the contributory housing allowance to all civil servants and State agents, including 1/3 do not currently benefit from it, indicates the government.

Undoubtedly, this extension of the contributory allowance for housing to all civil servants and agents of the State not only corrects what the trade unions in the public sector described as a great injustice, but also allows this 1/3 of agents to be able to find decent accommodation.

President Alassane Ouattara has decided to increase by 20,000 FCFA per month, the contributory housing allowance for all civil servants and agents of the State, from the end of August 2022. The Head of State has upgraded the monthly transport premium has remained unchanged since 2008.

From now on, it is 20,000 FCFA for civil servants and agents of the State who reside in the District of Abidjan and 15,000 FCFA for those residing in Bouaké, against 7,000 FCFA before. For civil servants and agents of the State in the other regional capitals, the transport allowance rose to 15,000 FCFA compared to 5,000 FCFA, while all other civil servants and agents of the State residing in the other localities will now receive 10,000 FCFA, against 5,000 FCFA before. This measure will be effective from the end of August 2022. With this increase in the transport allowance, civil servants will be able to travel in better conditions. And those with vehicles will be better able to cope with fuel expenses.

Another relief is the revaluation, for the first time since 1960, of the family allowance, which goes from 2,500 FCFA to 7,500 FCFA per month and per child, according to the usual application methods, for all civil servants and state officials. This means that the children of these agents will be better paid and this will allow them to make good savings for their children.

The icing on the cake remains the bonus that civil servants have called ”Prime Ado”, in particular the introduction of an exceptional end-of-year bonus, representing one third (1/3) of the basic index monthly salary of the month of December, which will be paid at the beginning of the following month of January, for all civil servants and agents of the State. For the trade unions, this is a highly salutary gesture. Because the official is a father who also represents hope for hundreds of other people. This bonus will allow him to meet unforeseen expenses and to spend the end of the year celebrations in a peaceful way, notes the government.

As a reminder, in 2014, Alassane Ouattara ended the wage freeze in force since 1989, that is to say for twenty-five years. Since then, civil servants and agents of the State systematically experience salary increases, every two years.

“In total, between 2011 and 2021, civil servants and agents of the State received, thanks to the various measures taken by the Government to improve their working and living conditions, a cumulative amount of 2,162 billion FCFA, or approximately 216 billion FCFA per year”, recalled Alassane Ouattara.


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