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Corporate organisations in Nigeria’ll refine remote working models in 2022 —Report

A survey conducted by a research firm, KnowBe4, across three countries in Africa has revealed that 32 per cent of corporate organizations in Nigeria will continue with remote working on a flexible basis.

The report said COVID-19 forced remote working on so many corporate organisations to embrace remote working but in 2022 they will perfect operations on the system and continue relating to staff on that basis.

The survey which unpacked how remote working was influencing the security paradigm for organisations also revealed that 57 per cent of organizations in South Africa and 29 per cent in Kenya will likely continue leveraging remote working.

Tagged ‘Remote Working & Cybersecurity in Africa’, the survey digs down into the security risks and essential business considerations that should define how organisations approach remote working security across Africa.

Senior Vice President of Content Strategy and Evangelist for KnowBe4 Africa, Anna Collard said: “Remote working may have become an invaluable tool for the organisation, but it comes with a security caveat, people have to be properly trained to recognise the risks inherent in online interactions.”

She said the immediate defences against cybercrime is an employee that has been well-trained and understands how to spot and report cyber threats, adding that people should know what a social engineering attack looks like, and why they should not click on links or open attachments.

She disclosed that companies across Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa have struggled with insecure home Wi-Fi networks and people sharing their corporate devices with family and friends, arguing that the pandemic threw everyone in the deep end in 2020, and they all spent 2021 learning how to swim. Now, in 2022, it is time to redefine and reshape how the organisation manages security and remote working as effectively and dynamically as possible.

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