Corona: Algeria is out of the fourth wave

Professor Merzak Gharnout, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Algeria and Head of the Department of Respiratory and Chest Diseases, confirmed today, Friday, that the current epidemiological situation in Algeria is very stable, and there is great comfort in various hospital institutions.

In a statement to the regional radio of Setif, Gharnout said that the number of injuries contradicts daily, and there is no pressure on the medical staff, and the fourth wave was the lightest, adding that there are currently only eight patients in the Beni Messous Hospital in the capital, and within a week there will be no patient in the department.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Algeria stressed that it is possible to officially talk about Algeria’s exit from the fourth wave, which “we left behind, and now work for what is to come,” noting that everyone who comes to hospitals currently has mild symptoms that are not dangerous, and all of them are not vaccinated.

The head of the respiratory and chest diseases department revealed the return to the practice of therapeutic and health tasks in various health services that were transferred to Covid patients, stressing that there are great tasks awaiting doctors in taking care of various patients and various interests whose treatment has been disrupted due to the epidemic. Expressing his hope that the pandemic will end, however, he added, “But no one is certain that the epidemic and the virus will not return again… It is possible that there will be another fifth wave in the future, God forbid, so we must prepare and prepare for it from now.” The opportunity is now ripe for vaccination, calling on all citizens to be vaccinated against Corona and also against seasonal influenza.

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