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Africa News Bulletin is the Africa’s biggest internet platform devoted only to Africa-related news and information, and the only news organization with true Pan-African reach. Africa News Bulletin is the one-stop online destination for African and African-interested ‘influential’ from all across the continent and the world.

Remember, when you contact Africa News Bulletin using these links:

  • You are not reaching an institution or individual mentioned in the story you read on our site.
  • You are not writing to an article’s publisher or author. In addition to our own reporting, Africa News Bulletin distributes the work of more than 200 African media organizations and several hundred other groups.
  • Articles or comments for publication: We are not able to publish readers’ submissions or freelance reporting at this time.
  • Permission to reprint or repost an article or photograph: Contact the newspaper or agency that owns the story or photo. Africa News Bulletin has distribution rights but does not own the copyright for material from our participating publishers.
  • For photos, the information is in the caption. If your request is for a story or photo that is copyrighted by Africa News Bulletin, we will reply to your message as soon as we can. Otherwise, we cannot grant permission.

Are you dissatisfied with the reporting you are reading on our site? Rest assured that we endeavor to maintain a diverse range of sources and perspectives in order to provide readers with a comprehensive picture of African news and thought. We do not alter or censor the stories that we get from publishers or other sources. We defer to our readers’ judgment.

Current news stories (up to three years old) on the Africa News Bulletin website remain free and accessible without registration or subscription.

Our team makes a concerted effort to ensure that Africa News Bulletin is as informative and useful as possible. We are grateful for your interest.

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