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Chenosis partners with Botlhale AI to bridge language gaps in African businesses

Chenosis, a pan-African Accelerator Platform has partnered with Botlhale AI Solutions, in a venture that will remove language as a barrier when it comes to the use of AI. Under this partnership, businesses will be able to engage with their clients on the Accelerator platform in their own language.

“We provide our clients with conversational AI allowing them to reduce support costs, Increase customer reach, conversion and retention,” says Thapelo Nthite, co-founder and CEO of Botlhale.

Chenosis is a Pan-African Accelerator platform that enables the creation of more efficient and affordable code and is a member of the MTN Group. It was launched in 2020 and enables developers and businesses to discover and subscribe to what will become the largest library of open APIs published on the continent.

Chenosis allows developers to tap into a broad spectrum of API products and services from across the continent, ranging from telecommunications, e-health, e-government, IoT, fintech, e-commerce, identity and authentication, payments and collections, location and more, from a single marketplace.

“It is a place that helps Businesses and individuals to find what they need to re-imagine their path to progress,” says Waseem Amra, head of product at Chenosis.

The Chenosis Marketplace lets businesses and developers to publish their APIs so that other developers can discover and consume them. The marketplace also provides the tools for publishers to monetise and promote their APIs, by creating subscription plans and product bundles that developers and businesses can purchase. The Chenosis Marketplace portal has dashboards for publishers and consumers to track revenue and credit balances, view consumption analytics and API performance and lots more.

Computer systems have become an integral part of our everyday lives and as a result, natural spoken language is a desired form of human-computer interaction. Bothahle have a suite of Natural Language Processing tools, built to help service providers and developers unleash the power of human language technologies in African languages.

“Through a simple subscription on Chenosis, we have now made this service accessible to enterprises across the continent. We believe it should be an enabler for people to access and engage with their service providers effectively. We are able to help businesses engage with their clients in their own language in both written and spoken word “, says Nthite.

“We encourage enterprises to explore how our API’s can solve multiple problems across their value chain. With an eco-system of API’s, we’re able to help businesses not only mitigate the risk of mobile identity fraud but also explain how this is possible in their clients’ language,” says Amra.

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