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Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts: Statute, mission and attributions (decree)

The president of the transition, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya made public, this Thursday, January 20, 2022, the statute of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts of Guinea (CCIAG). Read!

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts of Guinea is a public institution of a professional nature with legal personality, financial autonomy of management. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

It has consular and regional delegations corresponding to the administrative regions of Guinea. It may create a permanent representation in each prefecture and commune of the country and abroad. Its seat is in Conakry and its jurisdiction is exercised throughout the national territory.

Mission and purpose

The CCIAG’s mission is to represent and defend the interests of its members before the public authorities.

The purpose of the CCIAG is to promote exchanges, industrial and artisanal production of services as well as the improvement of cooperation between its members on the one hand and between its members and those of the chambers of commerce, industry and crafts abroad on the other hand in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

To ensure the representativeness of the common interests of Guinea’s economic operators in the fields of trade, industry, trades, buildings and public works, services and crafts with the aim, on the one hand, of establishing dialogue and consultation between its members and, on the other hand, of developing and improving economic and commercial cooperation between economic operators established in Guinea and their counterparts established abroad.

To ensure liaison and consultation between Guinean economic circles and the public authorities, with whom it must play the role of advisor and development aid

To maintain and strengthen close cooperation relations with the Guinean Chamber of Agriculture with regard to the obvious complementarity of their roles.

To establish and develop cooperative relations with foreign consular institutions


The CCIAG is responsible for ensuring the collection and dissemination of economic and professional information, providing services to its members and contributing to the promotion of entrepreneurship

To formulate for the benefit of the Government its views on ways and means contributing to the economic development of the country. To this end, it participates in economic surveys and gives the administration advice and information, studies the conditions of production, marketing, import and export of several consumer goods with a view to their improvement.

To carry out work and ensure the administration of services necessary for the interests for which it is responsible

To carry out studies and suggest all the [ … ] of an economic and legislative nature relating to the development of the trade, industry, crafts and services sectors

To settle by means of negotiations, mediations or arbitration conflicts between its members and between them and economic operators established abroad.

The CCAG can only be dissolved by decree on the report of the Minister of Commerce validated by the Council of Ministers.

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