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Cape Verde National Hospital project is “on a good path” – Olavo Correia

The deputy prime minister considered today, in Praia, that the Cape Verde National Hospital project is “on a good path” and that, in the coming months, the work will be carried out. launch, “in terms of workshops”, of the initial phase.

Speaking to journalists, at the end of a visit to the Cape Verde Infrastructure (ICV) facilities, Olavo Correia informed that a team is working to present the Government with a definitive proposal in terms of the concept, model and financing.

“We already have the technical study done, but we think that, given the importance of the project, it is essential that we take a little more time so that all questions can be decided in detail in terms of the concept and financing”, said Olavo Correia. .

It should be noted that, according to the project presented in March 2021, the Cape Verde National Hospital, to be equipped with “modern and high-tech” equipment, will be located in the Achada Limpa area, in Praia, and the deadline for completion is three to four years.

The hospital infrastructure will have a capacity for 134 beds, of which 12 are for intensive care, and should cost PTE 7.2 billion, including equipment that will consume more than 50% of the amount to be invested.

Regarding the visit to the ICV, Olavo Correia praised the work done by this institution for, as he noted, taking care of “fundamental” issues for the future of the country in terms of planning and execution of public works.

“This is important because a country to develop needs intelligent infrastructure in the most diverse areas of economic activity” he noted.

For this, he defended that it is necessary to have a public entity with the capacity to plan and execute the works with the least possible costs, which have quality and with a plan to be executed in a consistent way.

“It is a young company that has done an extraordinary job that has already left its mark in every corner of Cape Verde and we want to give them better conditions so that they can do an even better job to accelerate the country’s infrastructure plan”, he concluded.

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