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Cameroon: Banana production to improve in Q1-2022, spurred by CDC mainly

Cameroon’s banana production is expected to accelerate in the current quarter, Q1-2022. According to the recent quarterly business survey published by the Bank of Central African States (BEAC), the Central Bank of CEMAC regions, this optimistic forecast is issued because of the resumption of activities at some of the plantations of state agribusiness group CDC.

The said plantations were abandoned because of the security crisis raging in the Anglophone regions, including the South-West where CDC has some facilities. In 2021, after it resumed operations, the state group rehabilitated 520 hectares of plantations it had abandoned due to the so-called Anglophone crisis.

CDC is not the only operator that is expected to boost banana production during the quarter concerned. The other operators are also expected to contribute, thanks to plantation extension for some and equipment renewal for others, the BEAC points out.

These optimistic forecasts come in a context where the price of Cameroon’s Fairtrade certified banana has increased. Indeed, in October 2021, Fairtrade International decided to increase the minimum price charged by members that have its Fairtrade certification that experts present as “the most demanding international trade standard.”

For the time being, only PHP, the leader of the Cameroonian banana production market, has that certification. Hence, officially, since January 2022, the minimum free onboard price (price when the operator takes charge of products till they are loaded on exporting vessels) charged by PHP (as a Fairtrade certified member) has increased from €8.75 to 9.3 per standard boxes of 18.14 kg of banana, while the EXW price (when the producer just delivers products and the buyer covers transport costs) has increased from €6.45 to 6.8 for the same boxes.

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