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APC condemns sustained harassment and attacks on Freetown Mayor Aki-Sawyerr

Following last week’s controversial decision by the minister of local government – Tamba Lamina to shut down the Freetown City Council’s Mayor’s Delivery Unit, based on recommendations of an investigations report into the management of the Council, the main opposition All People’s Congress Party (APC) has published a statement condemning what the party describes as “sustained campaign of harassment, threats and intimidation directed at the Mayor since her election to office by state institutiions and agents of the President Bio-led SLPP government”.

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr who is currently enjoying the support of the majority of residents of the capital Freetown, as well as the international community in the country and outside, is yet to comment on the decision by the government to close the Mayor’s Delivery Unit, but the Sierra Leone Telegraph understands that lawyers acting for the Mayor may soon take legal action against the government.

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