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Angola: Minister Reaffirms Commitment to Staff Training

Mário de Oliveira, who was speaking after a visit to the press group Edições Novembro, highlighted the importance of training professionals for a more comprehensive, active communication that meets the wishes of the citizen. The official highlighted a wide-ranging training, in which engineers, staff from the Technology Area and support for journalism are involved.

Mário de Oliveira said that he expects from Jornal de Angola and other titles, from the Edições Novembro group, a source not only of information, but also of training, to respond to many phenomena that occur in the media, such as “fake news” and irresponsible use of social media.

The official defended the valorization of the paper newspaper, as a way of making money or giving the company a mark of profitability, as well as suggesting the creation of a page to address issues related to the irresponsible use of social networks and the fight against “fake news”. ”.

“You can create small newsstands in condominiums, meet the readers. The paper newspaper is still very consumed”, he pointed out.

Mário de Oliveira also referred to the importance of valuing and improving not only salary conditions, but also infrastructure and the socio-economic situation of workers, for the creation of a good communication professional.

Regarding the transition of workers to retirement and natural replacement, Mário Oliveira defended the symbiosis between the old and the new, a space where there is room for cohabitation and the passage of experience and testimony from the two fringes, preserving the history of the Journal. “The newspaper has a story and the story cannot die”, he justified.

The minister referred to the importance and need for teamwork, where everyone participates in the execution of plans and projects aimed at improving the sector. “There is a maxim that says, ‘those who want to go fast go alone, but those who want to go far go together’. Success presupposes team spirit”, he advised.

Projects and achievements

For his part, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Edições Novembro EP, Drumond Jaime, showed, in words, the company’s path since he headed it. He presented projects and spoke about achievements, such as improving infrastructure, investing in the creation and also in the circulation of new titles, which now complete eleven, including regional, specialty and daily titles.

The official also pointed out the bet on digital in all titles, to better make the country known across borders, as well as on the digitization of the archive (already in progress) as projects.

Drumond Jaime announced the projects created to make the company profitable, as well as highlighting the payment of the debt to Social Security and also the approval of the report and accounts of Edições Novembro by the Ministry of Finance.

He did not finish the radiography without first reaffirming his concern with the continuous improvement of the workers’ conditions.

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