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Angola: Country Leads Kimberley Process “Ad-hoc” Committee

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The meeting, with the presence of eighty-five member countries of the Kimberley Process, the European Union, the mining industry, government entities and representatives of civil society, also evaluated the reports of the working groups and committees, highlighting the program of visits and process assessment missions, as well as the production and export statistics of the organization’s members.

During the plenary session, the host country transferred the annual rotating presidency of the Kimberley Process to Zimbabwe, in the meantime, hosting its permanent secretariat from next January.

Senior staff were part of the Angolan delegation to the meeting in Gaberone, led by the national coordinator of the Kimberley Process, Paulo Nvika.

The Kimberley Process was created to prevent diamonds from conflict zones from entering the market.

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetweane, who opened the plenary, highlighted the importance of the Kimberley Process, guaranteeing full support, as diamonds are the engine of his country’s economy.

“The importance of diamonds to Botswana’s development agenda is unquestionable and hence the unwavering support of the Kimberley Process”, said the President.

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