Afrobeats Rema Continues to Dominate the Music Scene.

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Rema, a 23-year-old Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, is rapidly making his mark on the world stage. He recently impressed legendary football figures at the Ballon D’Or awards and achieved a remarkable milestone with his song “Calm Down,” which became the longest-charting and most successful African track ever on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

Rema’s career is on a winning streak, following the footsteps of other African music stars like Burna Boy, Ckay, and Master KG. What makes Rema stand out is his deep respect for the history of African music and the great artists who laid the foundation for his success.

He recognizes the influential figures in African music, such as Fela, 2Baba, Don Jazzy, and many more, and acknowledges their contributions to the industry.

Surprisingly, Rema is set to perform at London’s renowned O2 Arena, a venue with a 20,000-seat capacity, in just four years of his career. It took other prominent artists like Wizkid and Burna Boy a decade to achieve this milestone.

Rema’s success is built on his resilience and determination, which can be traced back to his challenging early life. He had to support his family after losing his father and brother at a young age. This difficult experience taught him the importance of hard work and perseverance.

He was fortunate to receive guidance from Don Jazzy, a music industry expert, and found a home at Mavin Records. D’Prince, a seasoned artist and Don Jazzy’s younger brother, recognized Rema’s talent and played a key role in his career. Together, they created hit songs like “Dumebi” and set their sights on global success.

Rema is not content with just local success; he aspires to create music with worldwide appeal. He actively seeks collaborations with artists from different cultures and has even coined his music style as “Afrorave.”

His distinctive style and artistic expression set him apart, as he prefers using album artwork over traditional photos to represent himself.

Despite his remarkable achievements, Rema is just beginning his journey to conquer the global music scene. With his talent, unwavering dedication, and support from the music industry, there’s no doubt that he has a bright future ahead. Keep an eye on this rising star in the music world.

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