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AAngola: Ministry of Education Wants To Resize Exam Prizes

In a meeting held yesterday between representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Secretary of State for Pre-School and Primary Education, Francisco Pacheco, and the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Amélia Varela, with members of SINPROF, it was decided that the union will not stop the classes while the negotiations are under way.

At the end of the meeting, the vice-president of SINPROF, Hermínia do Nascimento, said that the agreements are still being made. “There were structural points, such as the approval of subsidies for teachers who work in remote areas, without a solution so far”, she explained.

The proposals presented by the union, he said, will continue to be analyzed, based on what was agreed during the meeting. Among the points under discussion, he added, there is also the change in the Remuneration Statute of teachers and the respective subsidies, “still without a consensus”.

“SINPROF is benefiting so far from 23 percent of the said subsidies awarded to licensed teachers, while medium technicians earn 28 percent of this amount, which is much lower than expected”, he said.

search by consensus

The general director of the National Institute for Training Staff of the Ministry of Education (INFOQE), Caetano Domingos, considered the meeting positive, as it allowed negotiations to begin on certain essential points, in order to obtain a common consensus.

“Based on the points discussed, we are going to consult the ministerial departments, so that, at the next meeting, we can find a consensus”, he said.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and members of SINPROF will again negotiate the terms of the agreement next Monday, the 23rd.

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